Life Is An Adventure Never Stop Exploring

If you’re curious and observant, there is beauty and wonder all around us … often even right under our noses; or at the very least, just over the next hill.

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Kelly and Todd

Todd and Kelly have known each other since the fall of 2015. Todd was working at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista Arizona at the time. He met Kelly by chance, and they quickly discovered that among the many things they had in common was a love of hiking and photography. Over the next year they walked miles of trails, explored a few caves and even ascended a mountain peak or two.

The primary purpose of starting this blog will be to document and share our future adventures

About Kelly

Kelly. grew up an adopted Iowa farm girl, then moved to Arizona in 2012. She was lucky enough to meet her birth parents at the age of 25, and they now share a great relationship. She has five children and two grandkids who she loves with all her heart. During the school year she also gets to shape young minds at her favorite elementary school.

She loves the mountains, and want to see the view from the top of every peak.

She has a book called Weird Arizona., the travel guide to Arizona’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets. Anytime she’s within driving distance of one of the locations she has to stop to see it in person. One day she will have an annotation of her visit to every single one of those sites that still exists.

She hopes to spend the rest of her days exploring weird and interesting places not just in Arizona, but all around the world. Curiosity keeps us young, and love keeps us alive.

About Todd

Todd is a busy father of seven and grandfather to six. He served 24 years in the Air Force, before retiring and taking a job as a DoD civilian weather forecaster. He recently moved back to Arizona and now also lives in Sierra Vista. 

In addition to hiking and photography, when he’s not spending time with his kids, he likes to read, exercise and sometimes play poker. Due to maintaining two households in different cities, he’s averaged about 30K miles a year in his car; so I suppose it’s also fair to say that he enjoys podcasts and audiobooks. 

Todd can retire for a second time in less than 10 years, at which point his goal is to own an electric camper van or a boat (heck maybe both) and just travel around from adventure to adventure … he feels so fortunate to have met someone who taught him how awesome and exciting life can be if you just strive to look around the corner or over that next hill.

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Weather guy, Retired Military. Enjoy hiking, photography, cooking, spending time w/ my girlfriend and especially my kids. Being a dad is my most important job!


Hiker, photographer, educator and mom.